forever covers the grandness of summer. it is a time of intense energy of the sun. corn grows to eat this season’s bounty of light. fall comes soon. “and i knew we’d go forever”

forever is two recording sessions together in one. 10:30 is the split. “whispering shadows” begins a recording i made last week. the beginning was tonight with one overdub track. i’m proud of the energy produced during minute 15! always the first take, for better or worse!

thanks for listening to my music. happy waxing crescent season! and summer!

summer corn by jesse
summer corn by jesse

make (feat. derek strawn)

i found this episode in my drafts folder, last edited between snow and lightyear—january 15, 2020. that’s before the pandemic!

i must send this to derek, he needs to hear it. his playing rocks, but that’s not what special—no, he sings! my drum playing was way too active. sorry, derek.

what i wrote three years ago:

week’s goes through you couple themes as derek strawn and i make music together. we begin by celebrating the risk and reward of taking chances.


“i love dandelions / oh, how i love those majestic plants / one of the best green veggies you can have in your sweet salad / you can add some cranberries, too, no / what joy and happiness can feel like if you just let all of your striving / all of your striving to go”

enjoy this new, passionate episode of song dot land! i loved making it!

happy summer solstice 2023!

sunset_flower by jesse

new year multi-part

welcome to twenty twenty-three! this episode recorded over three days:

– 2023-01-07 full moon (+ebow overdubs) // 0:00–11:56
– 2023-01-03 new year // 11:56–41:30
– 2023-01-10 just publish it // 41:30–55:56

enjoy the episode and good luck getting through it! this show is essentially you listening to me practice guitar for one hour. thanks for listening!

birds over bridge by jesse
birds over bridge by jesse


grand—song dot land

tonight’s episode of song dot land comes from the energy of the outdoors! “you were always something grand”. rock and roll

p.s. this podcast celebrates its fourth year of continuation this month. how wonderful and grand. thanks for listening!

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