the banker

This rambling ventures through the topic of making your life your own. You are responsible for how your life goes, as I am mine. It ends with a story where a banker’s life is changed by the article a freelance author sacrificed so much to write.


Today’s short-and-sweet speaks of growing together, of tender love, of life. The “you” in tonight’s music goes out to mother nature.

“Ooh-ooh-ooh, we are one
And we find it all, find it all
Find it in your eyes

“I came back down deleterious and so afraid
Into arms warm for embrace
A thousand miles would not be oh so far
If it’s all I’d have to do: to walk there to be with you”


This somber episode of the journey through improvisational music focuses on the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic.

Sit back, enjoy, escape—and consider how you can take responsibility for what you have control over and make it your own, and hold everything else with a light touch.

coronavirus patrick

Jesse faces the fear of the unknown future from COVID-19 as it continues to spread around the world. On this celebration of St. Patrick, find encouragement in knowing this war has raged for billions of years.

When I played music in churches, st patrick’s day was one of my favorite days to celebrate in the whole year. Why? It offers a celebration of spring, of the new life popping from winter’s frozen soil. It celebrates the spread of the worship-inducing trance of being convinced that more people are going to heaven.

For many, it’s a day of great celebration, as it was for me.

By extreme contrast, welcome to what’s happening on this celebration of the clover-is-the-message traveling missionary this year: coronavirus.

Everyone will have a family member or relative who died.”