new year multi-part

welcome to twenty twenty-three! this episode recorded over three days:

– 2023-01-07 full moon (+ebow overdubs) // 0:00–11:56
– 2023-01-03 new year // 11:56–41:30
– 2023-01-10 just publish it // 41:30–55:56

enjoy the episode and good luck getting through it! this show is essentially you listening to me practice guitar for one hour. thanks for listening!

birds over bridge by jesse
birds over bridge by jesse


grand—song dot land

tonight’s episode of song dot land comes from the energy of the outdoors! “you were always something grand”. rock and roll

p.s. this podcast celebrates its fourth year of continuation this month. how wonderful and grand. thanks for listening!

spider web: engineering marvel by jesse on 2022-10-22


“everything of your day shines your way in night” just as our moon turns to its full moon phase for this new episode of song dot land. for a few days, the moon cuts through the darkness and lets us diurnal creatures explore.

this episode explores nature and love, the connections between all the living. “how many spiders had spun their webs in the blades we ran through hand-in-hand?”

just before the full moon by jesse
just before the full moon by jesse


tonight’s song dot land brings you some multi-track vocals with a reflection of my sadness at 15 when i missed the smashing pumkins’ final tour (information from the show that actually happened in 2000). at it’s core, this episode expands on the contentment i have today when i breathe. i’ve got everything i need.

the middle is about love and the sun.

enjoy the music as much as i enjoy making it! this is a strange one! i also name drop adam grant. again.

a tree in a park by jesse watkins
a tree in a park by jesse watkins