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Today’s explores a theme of terrible circumstances and then the fallout and resolution after an event. Almost all of them are inspired by Nintendo.

First is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker storyline of the pirates taking away Link’s sister. They stole her away.

After that, I play After Andrew, a song inspired by what comes the day after a storm, when the danger is past but our lives are in rubble.

I then jump into a song straight up about Nintendo and my history with it.

I like today’s music, but I recorded it when I was tired. I like what came out, but they tend to end before the song has been realized before the energy of the song has run its course.


We can say to our friends and our neighbors (we can say)
It will all be ok (we can say)
We have each other (we can say)
All this pain won’t have to be a part of the narrative
All this pain won’t have to be part of the narrative

Dent In? No is an anagram of Nintendo. Enjoy these silly songs!

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