17 Valentine’s Day

Today, I present a special Song.Land in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The early music doesn’t get into it, but after 20 minutes, the topic turns toward the special day stricken by Cupid’s Arrow.

16 Mary Oliver

This episode is dedicated to Mary Oliver, the ferociously beautiful and connecting poet. I improvise songs inspired by a conversation between Krista Tippett and Mary Oliver.

14 What Does a Whole Person Look Like?

Song.Land episode 14 continues building on last week’s theme of leadership and human philosophy, this time focusing more on the elements of the human experience that make us closer and closer to whole people.

12 Let’s Go on A Journey

This short, more subdued Song Land explores going on journeys. It starts off with the thought of how well my wife plans outings and adventures, then it transitions to the joy and happiness that can come from experiences.

10 The Champion in My Mind

Welcome to tonight’s episode of Song Land Podcast! We get to spend near an hour together making up songs and stories and singing about the wisdom and lessons of life.

9 Mighty Wave

Episode 9 of our Song Land podcast takes us into the world of being in tune: both as an instrument as a people.

8 Crazy Love Has Reached

Prepare for an exciting journey this week! This week brings a passionate adventure in Song Land celebrating the passion of deep kindness.