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Journey with me through the beautiful adventures of Song Land. Song Land is a mountainous landscape of sound and song, of weird words and phrases next to colorful exploration of voice and chord.

“Together we can be so much.”

My second song from this Song Land comes in with this potent refrain.


  • Minute 5:35 has one of my favorite melodic jumps and chord changes.
  • 9:45 mentions Give and Take by Adam Grant (Amazon page).
  • 11:00 speaks about Heidi Gilson. See more of her music on her Facebook page.
  • At about 21 minutes, you get to hear my thoughts on Multi-Level Marketing businesses. My knowledge about this comes from personal experience of considering one MLM business very seriously and this amazing new podcast with an in-depth journey in the MLM money-making machine: The Dream. If I were such a person, I would found an MLM where the business is website creation. I’m not interested in becoming wealthy at the expense of the many, though.

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