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Welcome to, a podcast where the goal is to find joy in life through musical reflection. In tonight’s weird episode, explore screaming your shame into the woods so the trees can turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen. Welcome to

Inspiration for this episode comes from a few areas:

  • Screaming in the Woods comes from a YouTube blog post (whatever that is called? Blog posts are now on YouTube‽) from The School of Life. I can’t find the article now, so watch their channel on YouTube and learn a lot.
  • I wouldn’t have my understanding of shame and vulnerability if it were not for the popular Brené Brown. Thank you for what you’ve championed for the world, Brené.
  • Science. Plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen. We would not be here without the help of plant cells.
  • Check out Journey Into the Microcosm on YouTube. It’s a wonderful peak at leaf on a microscopic scale. It reminds me to be thankful for how I get to live, in relative safety and where my deepest fears and enemies are most foods at the supermarket (no thanks to you, greed), and not having a job that provides affordable health insurance. I’m not afraid of dying tomorrow, yet my single-celled friends are.

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