wildflower in the sunrise
song dot land—paint

why do so many old people take up painting? paint explores the drive and motivation to create, to make, to push publish and share with others the fruit of our mind, bodies, souls.

“we make it by risking it all”

risk it all.

wildflower in the sunrise
wildflower in the sunrise, taken by jesse


look around you
what do you see?

a world full of squares afraid of who they are
who are you when you join me now?

you are all
you are all

i run so fast i do not see the way i went for long
i don’t look back ’cause sorrows come to find me

don’t look back and turn around as you run from hell
don’t look back as you run from hell

i could find you in a thousand faces
’cause you stand out so clear to me

oh i look and find you there
i looked for so long
for so long
where were you in my pain?
where were you in my pain?


hold on and run and don’t look back
we’re leaving hell at last
oh we are one and done
together we run fast

i would find you in the reflection of water
rain falls down and drops of sand on pavement
oh i need you, oh i need you

oh i need you
oh i need you
oh i need you
oh i need

all our days are numbered so let sorrows pass on by
my regrets melt like water
oh, wash down and float away
in the wind here at song dot land

all your days
all you try
all you have is left tonight

welcome to song dot land podcast
where we make up songs of life and pain and reality
when art is done right here
we craft like an improvisational plein air painting


i investigate in 6/8 time
all of things i did
and left behind

but the end of life
were where we left
why do so many old people start to paint?

it’s time to let it out
it’s time to let it out
all of these years i waited
it’s time to let it out

so scream with me
we’ll fly over oceans
let it be as you deny your emotions

one more day
’cause nothing matters in the grand scheme

i might be flying over pacific islands in my dreams
i may be lost at sea
i won’t find anything for me, for me, for me

you’ll still be there
i’ll still be there with you
in the moments when i can scream, when i can run

oh, a little bit further and you would be there too

when you’re old may you paint and recapture the truth you once had
before a job
before a grade
who were we when we were young?
before betrayal
before the tears
before my friends humiliated me at my party

who was i then
who was i then
i was the same person singing right now
thinking, oh if i could go back

oh there’s no way back
the sun rises and sets
express yourself
you’re beautiful

paint the dreams you left behind
in your osteoporosis
you can never visit again
a man without regrets is not a man

song dot land guides me to areas where my heart could bleed
truth and life is so scary for me to find
and i look on back on what a good day i had
in the present moment

oh my mind
be generous to me
i’ll give and take
i’ll dream
i’ll wake
i’ll still put my hand to the plow and get it done somehow

but love comes through risk and vulnerability
so push publish
share it
share it


when nothing is one
we’re all when we’re one
so push publish and take your seat in the chorus of culture

for all of our ideas evolve little chances to thrive and grow and glow and know
that we all as one might see the sun rise on a new day that’s better for our kids
how could Picasso know that we would be conversing about him in dormitories two hundred years later? no one can know, so just push publish

you don’t know
i don’t know
we don’t know
we can’t see the future
so don’t have shame for all the fucked up things in this stupid world
won’t even matter when we’re dead
and your post still lives on
when we’re dead

[instrumental until 13:30]

don’t tell other people how to live
’cause everything evolves
you need only worry for yourself

so push publish

or at least wait until you’re old
and pick up the paintbrush and tell the world at last
oh, i made it
every crazy day and storm
oh, made it
the ball keeps spinning more and more
but, oh, i made it
i know i’m tired
but oh how i made it

keep on
keep on
keep on
keep on


here at song dot land i run to
look at all the possibilities of life living with you
oh we share the best we share the worst
will you accept me as i am?

oh, fear and longing for acceptance

thank you for another sweet saturday night with me
take me and find me where everyone else is free
i could look for you a thousand hours and still come up short
oh, search and not give up
i will search and not give up
make and create and do not stop or fear

song dot land is brought to you by jesse
for years i’ve called this thing so weird, i’ve been searching
i realize i create for my own soul
and i push publish so i know
i do all i can in every day to be a maker
may you do the same in all your ways
don’t pretend that life is simple and you got it figured out
it’s challenging every day
if you don’t express yourself, you won’t know how to take the next step

’cause love, love will guide you
and love is the same as making

take risks and find that vulnerable spot that still bleeds
that weak, sad spot that still bleeds

goodbye for now
until we meet again
don’t fear what your heart guides you to
just paint
just paint
with the movement of your arms and the flashing of your eyes
just paint
just paint
tell the world your story
just paint
just paint
let the fake blood run down your cheek
and shoot, and find, you don’t have anything to prove
you’ll find:
we make it by risking it all

Published by song dot land is made by jesse

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