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Salamanders compares fear with nature. When I feel afraid, I want to hide myself, that it can somehow protect me. It won’t, though, and we can look to evolution to answer why: why do bees exist? Why do so many salamanders live in the Smokies? They survived when it was time to change.

So can you, and so can I.

When I would go rock hopping
Climbing over boulders larger than a house

Oh, time has worn them down
But they still stand strong

That’s how I want to be
Even for my few years on this earth

Two sections of today’s podcast use the ukulele. I’m happy with the songs that came out of the time with the instrument, yet the quality of this ukulele is very low and the mics I have on it are also of low quality. The intonation sounds awful. My ears tire of hearing it, so I broke up two ukulele sections with a guitar section in the middle.

That’s also why I sing about leaving a review in the middle of the episode instead of the end. That wasn’t intended when I recorded it.


  • “I cannot find our hope”—I was thinking of the content of Mark Manson’s latest book, which taught me that not having hope is not inherently a bad thing. Things can still be good without predicting what the future will bring, but instead accepting it as it comes.

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