reaching out

reaching out— podcast

Originally called Let’s Go on A Journey (Love Is Reaching Out).

This short, more subdued Song Land explores going on journeys. It starts off with the thought of how well my wife plans outings and adventures, then it transitions to the joy and happiness that can come from experiences.

I broke a guitar cable so am unable to record more until I replace the 1/4 inch instrument cable (we’ve moved and my soldering kit is long gone, too).

Still, I thought this short set of songs was special in its own way. Especially how thematic it is. It ends with the theme: every risk, adventure, love, passion in life takes work, it takes reaching out. The last line of Song Land summarizes this:

“Love takes reaching out”

Have a great week, Song Land! We’ll bring the energy and the improvisation again next week!



Podcast Intro [editor’s note: now deleted]


Song Land

It was awesome
It was amazing
Your ideas are wonderful
Adventuresome soul
Adventuresome soul

You cross the world in your
You cross the world in your heart
In your reading
And in your travels
In your reading, and in your dreams

So, let’s on a journey
Let’s go on a trip
We’ll be safe, we’ll have fun
We’ll see the world

We’ll have, we’ll have fun
We’ll have, we’ll have fun
We’ll have, we’ll have fun, oh
We’ll have, we’ll have fun

We will journey to the center of the earth
Where we will see things that no people have yet seen
It’ll be amazing, it’ll be so fascninating

To see the world within us
In the core, in the middle of the heart
In the core, in the deepest, deepest parts
In the core where no one can see


‘Cause we are beautiful people
In our hearts away from pain
We are beautiful people
Shining brightly for all to see

We are gorgeous and fantastic
It is a joy, it is our joy
It is a joy, it is a joy
It is a joy, it is a joy
It is a joy, it is a joy

It is a joy to travel with you
Oh, it is so amazing
To see new places
To taste new things

To have new air
To have to breathe in
How wonderful is our love
How wonderful is love




I know that we are always in the lead
‘Cause life and you and I and we
We have the best in all of the world
It is a wonderful thing to have this much


Joy and freedom
To be our own people
To have this joy so deeply
To have this happiness
Lifting our lives
Tomorrow is better than yesterday


‘Cause we grow as people
We learn and change
We grow as people
We learn and change
We learn and change
We learn and change for the better

I think that’s why people say that people in their older age grow softer
They evolve and change
I’ve even seen it with my parents

It’s not as much as me
But it’s a lot more than it was when I was a kid
It is because we'[re] always changing

Whether old or young
We can learn to love more deeply
And in our lives, we can learn to lay aside our anger

In our age we can grow and learn to love more deeply
And in our age we can be amazing human beings


Because we helped other people
By living to where your life calls you
And feeling gratitude for all the things I have today
For all that I enjoy today
I’ll say:

Thank you to: all around us

And I say thank you to: the all around us

All around us
All love




Lift up your hearts together
Offer up to the people around you
Give them life through loving and listening
Give them hope by being there for them

‘Cause love takes reaching out

Published by song dot land is made by jesse