whole people

Then the people got together
And sat in circles and talked and talked
Until everyone had said what they wanted to say

And they got to express themselves
In such deep ways that tears fell
And everyone accepted one another
In Song Land

—Minutes 23-24

Listen now to Song Land Episode 14: What Does a Whole Person Look Like?

Song.Land episode 14 continues building on last week’s theme of leadership and human philosophy, this time focusing more on the elements of the human experience that make us closer and closer to whole people.

How does a person become more whole? I know I am more whole because I have made myself vulnerable. My influences for this fact are many, but especially what Brené Brown shares with the world.

At minute 38, I mention this book: Dialogue by William Isaacs. It has acted as a go-to guide for learning how to listen in deep ways and how to have relationships on a completely new level of unifying truths, where difference doesn’t matter because difference melts when I deeply understand those with whom I disagree.

Parts of this set go into a fictitious place called Song Land. In this place, everyone listens to one another, everyone talks deeply with each other and finds their unity in respecting their differences through deep understanding. Finally, everyone expresses themselves in creative ways. It’s not a real place, but it is the place I get to go to for an hour with you each week on Song.Land.

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