Today’s Song Long celebrates the role of songs in my life.

I make songs up all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Yet I’ll go to a concert or put on an album that moves me in deep ways. What songs move you?

There are a few moments in this set I especially like. I sang about when I was a boy making up songs. What makes my heart sing? “For me, it was the sound of a song” (hear this over the minute beginning at 11:30). I also drop names of some of my favorite friends with whom I get to make music.

I sang a song about wisdom from a bear. That one is similar to a bedtime story I made up for my kids about an old, wise Raccoon that teaches a sophomoric bear how to catch honey.

At 27 minutes, I cherish this lyric at the end of such an emotive song:

“It’s a beautiful thing that I never seem to remember: I love the song.”

I find that my voice sounds crisper and clearer than it has since I’ve started singing consistently again.

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