double rainbow

enjoy this great ep, recorded on the new moon this month, a few days ago. i recorded overdubs and edits tonight. it’s silly. it’s got guitars for atmosphere. it features deep, growling voice narration. it speaks of old faithful as, “mother nature blowing her nose”.

“the entire universe can be found in a single pebble”

it’s beautiful in the strangest ways, i don’t understand. thank you for listening.

the cover art comes from a double rainbow i had the gift of seeing! it appeared a double-complete for a short time, showing across the sky. i felt quite grateful when i saw it, but i was driving and could not pause time-space to photograph it.

double rainbow
double rainbow by jesse

curves pulled the color out of this image, then the generic vibrancy filter brought the colors out. it’s hard to see all the colors. i need a better camera! don’t mind the degraded quality—this is life today, a step between time-space and a digital universe.

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