the mountains short

song dot land—the mountains short

i visited the smoky mountains for the first time in three years. i was moved. i was called again. ancient mountains. ancient wisdom.

scouting common pokeweed by jesse


stretch your legs
stretch your mind
what new ideas leave you unrefined?

all i am
where i knew that you’d leave me by the old side
i hold it
smoke rolls down from mountaintops

the mountains
rocks earth pushed high into skies
we climb

i swim in your rivers
i wash in your baths
your smoke rolls over me
your smoke rolls over me

i washed through you
i passed through cloud on earth

i’ve nothing left to want
i’ve nothing left to need
i have everything my fingers ever wanted
i can touch you
i can touch earth
i can touch heaven in my finger tips

there you are
there i wash
there i find
the song of the cove
stars burning down
bright in the middle of the night
look up and you’ll find all the deer are watching all of the heavens move
move with the night
time to move

the mystery of life
is that we come from earth
mixed with sky

heaven fly
heaven fly

2018 song dot land cover of the smoky mountains

Published by song dot land is made by jesse