diamonds and sand

diamonds and sand cover art
song dot land—diamonds and sand

in tonight’s beautiful song dot land, jesse takes you on a journey into diamonds and sand. who knows what that means. this one soars. the volume climbs and drops with rich reverb. 9:20 is beautiful. enjoy!

i mention my fear and concern for the globe. stop mowing your grass, life depends upon it!

diamonds and sand cover art
we identified this critter using the seek iOS app while enjoying a soccer game



i was diamonds and sand
i was perpetual
i split apart light
i split apart diamonds

look at a creek and look at the water
running on a day when the sun shines
all of the reflections
mirror our star

light bright
come to me
light bright
come to me
and take me, all of me for you

and define me in new positions
and realize transmission is all,
happens only when we talk


and with you
we soar
to the end
when fire
takes half the nation, the world

oh no!
we’re losing the simcity game of life on the world
stop mowing your grass
life depends upon it


oh (beautiful, soaring!)

(guitar atmosphere playing break)


without you i cannot stand
no no no
without you i cannot breathe
no no no

bring me the whole world
bring me to life
on the canyons and rivers
recycled through time


water drips down


congratulations to the stars
among us
taking their part

song dot land is a place where we can sing our songs
flips and flips and fix and and ride and have your “one is almost”

doubt i think it is real that this time i know your first name

i’m packed like an egg sandwich
protein for everyone

i’m packed like an egg sandwich

the rest remains untranscribed, a few more minutes

Published by song dot land is made by jesse