it snowed in mississippi!
enjoy this episode of song dot land!

this song dot land explores how we wouldn’t be here without the pain of life. song dot land is improvised guitar with passionate singing.

climbing out
going out

even when i don’t understand the road
i have confidence, new, deep confidence
that all is well

that all is well
so welcome back here to song dot land

well, i had to go for some time just to find myself
and that was the journey of madness
where you find yourself

and it was never the same again
how could old wineskins fit new wine?

you and i
we will never find it
without your guidance
oh, your guidance

and i know now
i don’t wonder
no more
now we know

and that confidence means you and i
when you face great mystery: it’s all ok
it’s just the way the world goes ’round

there i stood and i knew you would be good
just to be with you again

welcome to the song dot land podcast

i was looking so long, so long
why is it that mystery confounds me?

you and i could walk a thousand miles
there we’d find a thousand beautiful sights
ways to see the world in new perspectives
to feel the wind across borders

i would be with you
i would be with you

if only i could journey across the mountains
just to take you with me
to taste fresh snow

and, alas! to sing the songs
with the gees in v’s above
and perfection for that day
would be ours

it takes so long to find yourself
to know who you are
i’ll speak for myself, though
speak just for myself

it comes only after loss

what a teacher
what a friend
what a way to lose
and build, build again

build again like the tower in genesis eleven
what loss was caused by separating!

that’s lost the plot
that’s when i lost the plot

i have sunsets and sunrises
movement and friends

like mary oliver
i would ask, too
what else should i have been doing?

what would be better than sitting in the sun
and nurturing my relationships?

you and i need each other
more than we realize
we are all connected and one loss is a loss for us all

one loss is a loss for us all

so don’t divide
there is only one

[music change]

i knew you had it
how could mick jagger sway!
i knew no one else
that stuck with me thru thick and thin

later on i would find our one way
in the future
worry not!

if i’m not singin’ about love or god
then what do i have to sing about?
oh i was so blind
look around

it’s gonna be wild
it’s gonna be great
it’s gonna be outside

all my life is yours
you’re at the song dot land podcast

i’ll never let you down (repeat)

broken promises, fill the queue
they add up, life gets hard
oh, life gets hard

(ujjayi breathing)

listen to the ocean beat along
those waves have been bursting against the rocks
for longer than i’ve been alive

and long after i go back to the earth from whence i came
all those rocks will still be battered

will my kids see the rocks?
oh, i fear the worst

but the story of life has been:
respond to catastrophe
when all goes to shit,
what can you do?

breeds you and me
we wouldn’t be here without the pain of life

so try again
get back up
there’s no giving up
you have to fight

accept yourself and the metaphor can change
you and i can find integration with our whole selves
with our whole selves

come and be one

[recording error, audio breaks]

…cries out
in celebration of who you are
who i am
treat each one with care

in love and mercy
kindness all around
accepting who you are
accepting who i am
that will lead to peace


through it all
all the challenges
oh, accept yourself


through it all
accept yourself


i took a ferry just to get to you
you live on an island
how can i compete with that?

i came home just to argue and tell you my point
why haven’t you enacted what i recommended?

oh, i don’t care
and no one does
oh, shut your mouth
this is my autobiography

oh, simple math
all my prime numbers fall by my side
i try to get them back but i can’t find where they hide
it gets so big so quickly i don’t understand
what are my options?

i try to divide and it slips through my hands
i’m struggling
and so are you

what do we need to find a new way?
to relate to one another, oh

people are storming the capital of the us
what is going on?

oh, i don’t know
oh, and i can’t anything about it
except stay off social media
but they still haven’t listened to me!
and no one’s doing it at all!

oh, what’s going on?

oh, i don’t know

and that’s okay


this is the song dot land podcast

i oh i heard that you needed somethin’

i heard that you needed somethin’
it came from the horse’s mouth
you told me in your sleep
and today i’m holding you to it

you owe me $700 bucks
that’s what you promised me

i just need half up front


(tries to start another song, fails)

i kind of want to be done now
this was enough

this is the song dot land podcast
this is your host, jesse
i’ve been gone for a while finding myself

i hope you’ve found yourself, as well

it snowed in mississippi!
it snowed in mississippi!

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