life finds a way

Listen to Life Finds a Way on explores the struggles and pain of failure, a necessary building block of hope in life.


When hope is gone and you feel down
From all the things that might be wrong
When all the places that you go as your cornerstone are out

Hold on
To the love
To the friends
At least the memories of what it once was

And hopefully you will have that again soon


Sometimes life feels like the maze in Highlights magazine
It’s just real life
It’s harder to navigate all the choices that you and I need to make

And it’s unclear what the next step will be
Until we try something and see


So don’t fear failure
‘Cause all of life isn’t clear
Until you try it
Til you try it


Instruction guides aren’t written
Until the problems have been uncovered
So when you take your risks
Of course, you can fail

So don’t be discouraged
When things don’t go as planned
Hold your head high
You don’t understand


Hold this, trust that things will get better in the future
We can all hope and wait for that
We can all hope and wait for that


Welcome and introduction


On Abigail Road we came so far
Like, people wanted more than they could ever know
It wasn’t in their imagination what they needed to be able to succeed

It was something greater
Than we could drive our cars to see
Looking over craters
Formed millions of years before you and me


Life has found a way to make it through
Even when destructive forces have changed the way we have to survive
So keep on practicing
Learning something bigger than you know today

Just keep on growing
So you’ll be ready for the change
So you’ll be ready for the change


I want it all like
Some people have had it
It’ll be so much greater when we’re all
Willing to fail catastrophically
In learning new things, oh, learning new things

Like, who first learned that you could cook a bean from a plant
Grind it up and have the most delicious cup of drink
That any person ever dreamed of

Well, it happened so long ago that those risks are forgotten
But the risks still have to be taken
If we’re going to find elegant solutions to the problems that we face
In a world that is filling up

This is all we, all we, all we work out
And we know together we can do so much more
And you have given me something
And now we can take it

Try it again and again and again
Try it again and again and again
Like light and shadow, it changes from the angle
Opening new perspectives up to see


So look again and again and again and try it another way
And the 40th time, you may succeed.
(the rest is not done, this takes so long to type out!)

Published by song dot land is made by jesse