inner peace – summer solstice season

“You have to learn to look around” is the message in this first celebration of the sun and the energy she offers us. The photo is a swamp milkweed sharing nectar with a friend.

swamp milkweed sharing nectar with a friend. taken by smith j weston.

At the end, at about 28 minutes, everything gets quiet and you can hear the active birds in the background.

the banker

This rambling ventures through the topic of making your life your own. You are responsible for how your life goes, as I am mine. It ends with a story where a banker’s life is changed by the article a freelance author sacrificed so much to write.


Today’s short-and-sweet speaks of growing together, of tender love, of life. The “you” in tonight’s music goes out to mother nature.

“Ooh-ooh-ooh, we are one
And we find it all, find it all
Find it in your eyes

“I came back down deleterious and so afraid
Into arms warm for embrace
A thousand miles would not be oh so far
If it’s all I’d have to do: to walk there to be with you”


This somber episode of the journey through improvisational music focuses on the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic.

Sit back, enjoy, escape—and consider how you can take responsibility for what you have control over and make it your own, and hold everything else with a light touch.