Today’s explores a theme of terrible circumstances and then the fallout and resolution after an event. Almost all of them are inspired by Nintendo.

First is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker storyline of the pirates taking away Link’s sister. They stole her away.

After that, I play After Andrew, a song inspired by what comes the day after a storm, when the danger is past but our lives are in rubble.

I then jump into a song straight up about Nintendo and my history with it.

I like today’s music, but I recorded it when I was tired. I like what came out, but they tend to end before the song has been realized before the energy of the song has run its course.


We can say to our friends and our neighbors (we can say)
It will all be ok (we can say)
We have each other (we can say)
All this pain won’t have to be a part of the narrative
All this pain won’t have to be part of the narrative

Dent In? No is an anagram of Nintendo. Enjoy these silly songs!


Journey with me through the beautiful adventures of Song Land. Song Land is a mountainous landscape of sound and song, of weird words and phrases next to colorful exploration of voice and chord.

“Together we can be so much.”

My second song from this Song Land comes in with this potent refrain.


  • Minute 5:35 has one of my favorite melodic jumps and chord changes.
  • 9:45 mentions Give and Take by Adam Grant (Amazon page).
  • 11:00 speaks about Heidi Gilson. See more of her music on her Facebook page.
  • At about 21 minutes, you get to hear my thoughts on Multi-Level Marketing businesses. My knowledge about this comes from personal experience of considering one MLM business very seriously and this amazing new podcast with an in-depth journey in the MLM money-making machine: The Dream. If I were such a person, I would found an MLM where the business is website creation. I’m not interested in becoming wealthy at the expense of the many, though.


Today’s Song Long celebrates the role of songs in my life.

I make songs up all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Yet I’ll go to a concert or put on an album that moves me in deep ways. What songs move you?

There are a few moments in this set I especially like. I sang about when I was a boy making up songs. What makes my heart sing? “For me, it was the sound of a song” (hear this over the minute beginning at 11:30). I also drop names of some of my favorite friends with whom I get to make music.

I sang a song about wisdom from a bear. That one is similar to a bedtime story I made up for my kids about an old, wise Raccoon that teaches a sophomoric bear how to catch honey.

At 27 minutes, I cherish this lyric at the end of such an emotive song:

“It’s a beautiful thing that I never seem to remember: I love the song.”

I find that my voice sounds crisper and clearer than it has since I’ve started singing consistently again.


Halloween hits this week, and one song in tonight’s is a spooky, scary song. Warning: it has so much reverb powered by tc electronic’s guitar peddle that you may drown in your sonic fears.

Of course, there are also songs about love and dancing. As there always are and ever shall be.