Back in the Swing

Back in the Swing—

After a month and a half of recording directly on my phone or other ways that didn’t sound that great and I have not posted here, I finally set up my recording equipment and had the time to record a brief And how fun it was!

This didn’t feel like an inspired recording, but it’s fun to be back in the swing. Hence, the title. Enjoy the 15 minutes of encouragement singing about facing fears and taking the risk to start something new in your life!

Published by Jesse Watkins

Jesse found it hard to express himself as a young person. Music began its dance with Jesse when he snuck into his youth pastor's office and played his guitar when he was 13. He has improvised and recorded hundreds of songs in his life, almost all of them terrible garbage. They do one thing, though: make room for Jesse to express himself in ways the conscious mind does not.