Crazy Love Has Reached

Prepare for an exciting journey this week! This week brings a passionate adventure in Song Land celebrating the passion of deep kindness.

This episode was recorded before Thanksgiving here in the United States. I recorded during the past week and will release it at a later time.

One of my favorite themes to explore has to do with how my deconstruction of faith offers a focus of kindness and joy to me now that goes beyond what I used to have when I trusted in a higher power to supply my needs. Without that dependency, I find a deeper commitment to loving and caring for the people around me.

Specific notes from the set:

  • 15 gets into a grand anthem. It’s quite epic:

“I am stronger now / when love has come.”

  • At 20 minutes, we belt into, “I have everything I need.”
  • 28 “Crazy love has reached out to me.” (this is one of my favorite from this set)


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Published by Jesse Watkins

Jesse found it hard to express himself as a young person. Music began its dance with Jesse when he snuck into his youth pastor's office and played his guitar when he was 13. He has improvised and recorded hundreds of songs in his life, almost all of them terrible garbage. They do one thing, though: make room for Jesse to express himself in ways the conscious mind does not.