The Champion in My Mind

Welcome to tonight’s episode of Song Land Podcast! We get to spend near an hour together making up songs and stories and singing about the wisdom and lessons of life.

Change of release time

My goal is that when I get to episode 20 of Song Land podcast, I’ll have what I would rate as a good podcast. One tweak I’m making this week is to match the release time for an evening release. Instead of 3am on Monday, I’ll move to Monday evenings for now.

This is episode 10. We’re halfway to 20! Thank you for checking out my silly song adventure podcast.

I think in the future, I will consider live streaming the Song Land performance. In that case, an evening time makes perfect sense. I may change the day from Monday to another day. We’ll see.

Show Note

  • 10:45—the welcome to Song Land, and the invitation to join in this silliness.
  • 15—there is an extended section sung in the falsetto vocal range.
  • Coming soon. It’s Christmas Eve! I recorded this episode last week and have listened to it a few times (I think it’s decent with some sweet moments). I don’t have minute by minute notes yet. Add them in the comments :-).


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Published by Jesse Watkins

Jesse found it hard to express himself as a young person. Music began its dance with Jesse when he snuck into his youth pastor's office and played his guitar when he was 13. He has improvised and recorded hundreds of songs in his life, almost all of them terrible garbage. They do one thing, though: make room for Jesse to express himself in ways the conscious mind does not.